Preschool Graduation Simple Tips for Success

Start Early

  1. Venue: Decide where the graduation will take place, ensuring it’s suitable for accommodating families and little graduates.
  2. Schedule a date and time: Set a date and time that works for both families and staff, allowing for ample preparation.
  3. Attire: Determine what the children will wear, whether it’s adorable mini caps and gowns or themed outfits that reflect the occasion.
  4. Programs: Create programs outlining the sequence of events and activities for the ceremony, including any special performances or presentations.
  5. Content: Plan what the children will do during the ceremony, such as singing songs, performing skits, or reciting poems. Decide who will give speeches or acknowledgments, ensuring they’re heartfelt and age-appropriate.
  6. Diplomas and awards: Prepare diplomas and any special awards to recognize each child’s achievements and milestones, making sure they’re personalized and memorable.

What We Do

  1. Students enter to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance,”
  2. Followed by the pledge led by a student holding the flag.
  3. I deliver a welcoming speech
  4. After which students perform “Graduation Day
  5. A slideshow of memories is presented.
  6. The pre-K teacher offers remarks,
  7. Then awards and diplomas are presented.
  8. Finally, the event concludes with the students singing “We Will Rock You, Yeah Kindergarten” while playing inflatable guitars.

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