Sensory Bin Ideas for Preschool and Homeschool

What Kind of Bin Do You Need?

Saint Patrick’s Day Sensory Bins

Space Sensory Bin

Farm Sensory Bins

Fall Sensory Bins

Winter Sensory Bins

Hot, hot, hot…..HOT CHOCOLATE! Are you singing it? Coffee beans, candy canes, and cotton balls for marshmallows come together to create this delightful winter-themed bin.

Christmas Sensory Bin

Community Helpers Sensory Bins

Dinosaur Sensory Bins

This year, we introduced a new activity to our dinosaur theme. We filled five bins with sand and dinosaur fossils for an exciting excavation experience. Students used brushes to role-play as archaeologists, uncovering dinosaur fossils buried in the sand bins.

Spring Sensory Bin

Summer Sensory Bin

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